May 1, 2022 • 13M

The Memory Salvage of History

A discussion about memory and the past and how they play a big part of the projects I take on.

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E.R. Flynn
This podcast discusses a variety of topics that go into making the Escape from Clown Town Comics. Comedy, strange family stories, goofy pets, politics, stories from special guests and anything else that influences my humorous and bizarre art is up for discussion on this podcast. I'll strive to make every episode as entertaining as possible.
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In this episode let’s talk about memory.

Did you ever consider what you’d be if you didn’t have any memories? Would you be the same person? Would you have the same values? Would you be without any sense of conscience or morals to know what’s right or wrong?

Think about it.

Memories are the core of your essence. Your experiences and what you remember of t…

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