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Bringing Laughter to Power

Bringing Laughter to Power

A chat about comedy, racism, fatherhood and Covid Traps.
Jd Michaels, Creative Superman - Drawing by E. R. Flynn

This podcast episode features a chat with my good friend, Jd Michaels, who is one of the smartest and funniest people I know.

Of course that’s not to say the rest of my friends aren’t smart. No, it’s quite the opposite. All of my friends are geniuses. They only associate with me to gain tax credits for fulfilling a government “Dunce Quota.”

Thankfully Jd, a man of varied experience and good attitude, knows the quicker he placates my half-witted ramblings, the sooner he can get back to creating the multitude of projects which make the world a better and more joyous place.

I thank him for his patience. I also thank you for yours, since you’ll be listening in as he and I discuss what influenced his comedic insight, how fatherhood has helped broadened his perceptions, plus how comedy has helped him confront hatred and racism.

I hope you enjoy the show.

To hear and learn more about Jd Michaels, check out these links:

Jd has recently joined Substack. You can read his columns here:

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Other links:

Litraedio from CabsEverywhere Productions:

A slew of wonderful, insightful poetry in the above link. Here’s one of the works below.

Cabseverywhere Productions:
There’s a wealth of info and creative goodness under these links:

A series of short (1min or so) humorous stories guaranteed to make you laugh:

Here’s a fun little bit from a while back but which still makes me laugh:

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Escape from Clowntown | Comics of E.R. Flynn
Escape From Clown town Podcast - old feed
This podcast discusses a variety of topics that go into making the Escape from Clown Town Comics. Comedy, strange family stories, goofy pets, politics, stories from special guests and anything else that influences my humorous and bizarre art is up for discussion on this podcast. I'll strive to make every episode as entertaining as possible.
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