What’s Escape from Clowntown Comics?

Humorous comics, podcast and mostly-true tales of comedy from cartoonist and satirist, E.R. Flynn.

Who’s E.R Flynn?

I’m an illustrator and cartoonist, who lives in the Pacific Northwest. I formerly lived and worked in New York City where I honed my appreciation for irony and sarcasm while working in the Advertising Industry.

My comics are heavily influenced by the kind of twisted humor found in MAD, Cracked and National Lampoon magazines. If you’re a fan of that kind of humor, you’ll enjoy what spills forth from my pen.

My work has appeared in The Nib, The American Bystander, and various online sites such as LOL Comedy.

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I make long form comics which take a lot of time to create. The goal in mind is that I’ve made imagery and stories you’ll find nowhere else, that shows you a high quality of craft, artistry and value that you can appreciate, along with bringing a little laughter into your world.

I think getting that for the price of a cup of coffee each month is a pretty fair trade. Hopefully you do as well.

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Paid subscribers get a limited edition T-shirt! It’s the “Only Weirdos Become Artists!” T-shirt in special 3D-O-Rama! (a fancy term for off-register design.)

Only Weirdos become Artist T shirt

Paid subscribers also get a digital copy of “The Nightmare Year” along with other free cool publications I’ll be coming out with at the end of the year.

The Nightmare Year by E.R. Flynn

As for Free subscribers, well you get access to free content plus any podcasts I post.

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E.R. Flynn
Illustrator, Cartoonist, Videographer, Storyteller and Creator of "Escape from Clown Town Comics" here on Substack. Need an illustration for your article? Give me a shout.