Clowntown Comics and Swag

Feb 6, 2023

If you love my comics and would like to keep me motivated to create more of them, then perhaps think about buying a book or a pdf comic book or two.



Manifesto Calypso

This 32pg 5x8 paperback comic is a satire of the Religious Right and guns nuts. The perfect reading for a Sunday afternoon. Available on Amazon. Also available as an ebook.

Manifesto Calypso 32pg paperback

2020: Our Nightmare Year

A 48 page collection of political and pandemic related cartoons from the worst year in recent memory. Just the thing you’ll want as a keepsake!

In Soft Cover from Amazon (and as a Kindle Edition):

202 Our Nightmare Year Book by ER Flynn
2020 Our Nightmare Year

In Soft and Hard Cover from Blurb

The Nightmare Year Hardcover Book


A collection of poems and drawings inspired from life in Portland, Oregon. Amazon Ebooks (99cents cheap)

Hammer Stories - Renny’s Git/Practice Shmacktice

A funny semi-true stories about a local rock band in upstate NY during the early 1980s and the unexpected troubles they had finding a practice space that leads to even worse troubles. $5 PDF ComicBooks (Coming Soon to Amazon.)

Renny's Git - Hammer Stories Comic
Hammer Stories Practice Schmacktice Comic


A Limited Edition T-shirt Only for Paying Subscribers!

I will be making custom t-shirt designs in limited quantities and they’ll only be available to paying subscribers.

Subscribe now and get this limited edition T-shirt!

WARP 18 Swag!

Show just how warped you are as you blaze across life at light speed!

T-shirts Available for Purchase.

Others can buy the following T’s from RedBubble.

Warp 18 tshirts
Click for more info and price.

Show up to yoga class wearing these!

Warp 18 Leggings
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Travel Coffee Mug!
Let people know you love coffee waaaaay too much!

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The Warp 18 Comforter!
Nothing says “Bedroom Hijinx Ninja” more than tossing this comforter on your crib!

Warp18 Comforter
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Only Weirdos Become Artists!
Show your friends how much of a weirdo you truly are by wearing the this t-shirt emblazoned with the off-register Escape From Clowntown Mascots, The Schmuck Brothers.

Only Weirdos T shirt
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More items will be loaded up here as I create them so check back soon. But please feel free to share these items to anyone on who you need to drop a gift hint!